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Situated in a small county in KY, on 40 rolling acres, is the farm. When I got the place (7/2020), the farmhouse was completely gutted, no plumbing, no electrical, just a framed out building wrapped in house wrap, old tin roof, poorly installed windows and numerous things that were done incorrectly. Since then in a relatively short amount of time I almost have the electrical done (as of 7/2021) the plumbing is installed but needs to be moved since I found a few issues I need to address, I have installed a wood stove, almost completed the kitchen and am currently working on the final bathroom. There are also two outbuildings, both are in need of extensive repair, roofing and some structural work. These buildings will be for housing of livestock in the winters.

     The farm proudly raises and produces the following currently:

Ross 308 pasture raised broiler chickens

Endangered Dorking chickens for eggs, breeding stock, hatching eggs and meat

Exquisite Muscovy ducks for eggs, meat, breeding stock and ducklings

Gorgeous Embden geese for hatching eggs, meat and breeding stock

Mini Rex, California and New Zealand rabbits for pets, breeding stock and meat


 March 2022 - We have begun to acquire stock for our goat herd. Welcome the additions of Caramel and Fiona, Nubian doe goats to begin our adventure of creating Bartlett Kinder-type goats where we will begin a program to get the best of the breed characteristics and finally certifying the herd. 

   Future endeavors will include the following:

Fresh heirloom and conventional fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, berries and flowers

Honey, maple syrup, maple candy and baked goods

Pasture and silvopasture raised pork for breed stock, piglet sales and pork sales