Silver Death Layer Chicken ( German Westfalische Totleger)


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The Silver Death Layer - German Westfalishce Totleger, is an incredibly rare breed of chicken and critically endangered. This breed originated in the Westphalia region of Germany, is roughly 400 years old, is a true landrace* breed and is said to lay an egg a day until they die, which is quite uncommon.

Let's take a look at what makes these cool:

Very rare - worldwide population in the thousands

Cool name - It's a translation that has probably evolved from another meaning

Very beautiful and stunning colorings and markings - often described as royalty

Lay roughly 200 white eggs per year

Mainly used for eggs as they aren't considered dual purpose due to smaller size frame

Small red rose comb and wattles make them ideal for cooler climates

Active free ranger and forager

Slate or blue/gray legs

Black eyes

Our small flock of Westfalische Totlegers have plenty of access to pasture, grasses, bugs and all that nature has to offer. We are proud to offer this breed for future generations to enjoy.

*A landrace is a domesticated, locally adapted, traditional variety of a species of animal or plant that has developed over time, through adaptation to its natural and cultural environment of agriculture and pastoralism, and due to isolation from other populations of the species - Wikipedia