1st Generation Regenerative Farm

Just imagine being raised on a farm, the sweet sounds of the barnyard, the succulent smell of fresh cut hay, roosters crowing as the sun breaks the day, a few yard chickens scrambling for forage, doing things "the old way", preparing the days meals with fresh home grown or foraged fruits & vegetables straight from the orchard and garden. And of course let's not forget the amazing meats hand raised as close to how mother nature intended as possible.



Bartlett Farm was founded by a calling, not an idea. Having grown up around a dairy farm, working maple sugar groves with my family, tossing hay bales in the summer heat, watching my aunts, uncles and grandparents work the land to provide basic food for their and others tables, the idea of farming was never foreign to me. My parents embraced the industrial revolution and the ideas of a career, retirement and relaxation, they chose the life of convenience opposed to working the land, short of raising an award winning garden every year. 

Over the last 40 years I have been involved with animals as much as possible. Working a small part time farm job with sheep, rabbits & goats, working with my father in-law on his small farm, and finding ways to be involved with farm animals as often as I could. I found the older I became the more I craved that life, a simpler (not easier) life of getting back to basics, providing for others and living off the land while improving it.

I spent many hours studying "factory farming" over the years and even stopped eating all meat for a long while. Something in me kept prodding me to dig deeper, I realized there is a better way. Raise the animals and food yourself, as close as possible to how mother nature intended.

I set out on this journey to get back to basics, raise high quality food, give the animals the very best life they can have and share that with others.

Oftentimes one thing leads to another. When I first started farming for myself I needed to learn and I continue to do so daily. I learned of ancient breeds and even modern breeds who are becoming increasingly threatened, rare, endangered and face possible extinction. It is those breeds the farm focuses on, by using a system of what is going to work best for the farm, you the customers and the environment they will live in.      
Here at the farm you will find ancient dual purpose chicken breeds like the Dorking, La Fleche, Deathlayer and the new comer the American Bresse. Possibly the rarest rabbit in the world, the Blanc De Hotot (which is globally endangered), Kinder-type goats, Coturnix quail, Embden geese, guinea fowl, Muscovy duck, threatened Holland White and Royal Palm turkeys all share a space on the farm. 

Bartlett farm is different, we don't want you to come to us looking for a grocery store bird, or eggs. We want you to come to us because you are NOT looking for that, but instead the exquisite and unique flavors of some of the most delicious, heritage, fresh from farm goodness you can find anywhere. We also want other farmers, homesteaders and small flock owners to help conserve these breeds as well, so please reach out to us to find out how and what will work best for you.

Here at the farm we also use the animals to help our soil. We have a lot of rock and clay so we utilize our animals, natural soil conditioners like foliage, clippings, hay, compost, wood chips from limb trimmings on the farm and other natural amendments to help boost our soils health. We also do herbs, vegetables and flowers and hope to have a "Pay what you can" farm stand for our community in 2023.




What is regenerative agriculture? It is a process of improving soil conditions, water retention, controlling erosion from heavy tilling, using natural resources and animals to help improve the land and sequester more carbon back in to the land from the atmosphere.