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 Bartlett farms is a small farm located in northern Kentucky between Cincinnati Ohio and Lexington Kentucky. 

The farm specializes in raising, breeding and rearing rare heritage breed chickens like the endangered and unique Dorking, the incredibly tasty and versatile American Bresse, the extremely rare and beautiful Golden Deathlayer and the smallest chicken breed in the world the Malaysian Serama true bantam. 

We don't stop with rare chicken breeds, our farm also raises gorgeous Embden geese, The powerful and unique Muscovy duck, Japanese jumbo Coturnix quail, endangered heritage Holland White turkeys, gorgeous ring-necked pheasants and French pearl Guinea hens.

Our farm provides hatching eggs from each breed, local pickup and sales of live poultry and game birds, breeding trio's and quail starter groups.  

We proudly raise Mini Rex, California, New Zealand and Cali/New Zealand mix rabbits. We offer breeding stock, youngins' and individual rabbits available year round.

We are overjoyed and excited to be currently working on a goat herd project. Beginning with two unrelated doeling Nubian goats and one unrelated male pygmy goat, we will be breeding our own Kinder-type goats. First generation expected early 2023!!

Bartlett farms is a regenerative farm using practices to promote natural soil, using no chemicals, herbicides or fungicides. Unless absolutely necessary are animals are 100% off medication, hormones and antibiotics. We would never sacrifice the health of one of the farmfam and have emergency supplies on hand when and if necessary. We choose to raise all of our animals as close as possible as mother nature intended, rotating pastures, allowing diversification of natural feed (grasses, weeds, bugs, etc) and supplement as necessary. 

We are growing constantly and invite you to take a look at what we have to offer by clicking below on the "SHOP" button!

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